After a shower, Natasha, not embarrassed by her neighbor, entered the room naked and took off her best panties from the clothesline. She and Lisa lived together in the same room from the 1st year, and they developed a very trusting relationship.
It was warm in summer, so I was wearing a black T-shirt with a black bra, and tight-fitting leggings.
She smacked her lips lightly. Fearing that I would be offended, I kissed her tightly.
We have the most vivid memories of this trip. Artyom liked to feel Natasha's wet, gentle touches of Natasha's tongue with his cock. But even more he liked to fuck Natasha while standing, while she was leaning against the wall trying to rise on her toes in order to sit deeper on his penis.
From that day on, we began to get closer and closer to her, and my life changed completely.
Could you make my dream come true?
And can you take this folder to the exit?
Many times I went to the second round with the previous girls, but without any enthusiasm, but rather out of a banal desire to please a person and give pleasure, like she did to me a little earlier.